About Us

About Us

Who we are

We are experts at designing and delivering IT solutions and services. We are ITIL evangelists.  With our combined experience in application development, IT services management and operations, we deliver unequivocal value to our projects and customers.

What we do

We deliver strategic services based on the ITIL framework to small, medium and large enterprises looking to enhance their business, services and operations. We work with the fundamental principles that support critical thought and innovation.  Our solutions and services leverage on additional industry best practices that include CMMI, PMBok and Six Sigma.

We are working hard towards launching SnoMan, a SaaS platform that offers a combination of ITIL self-serve tools and best practices for small, medium and large enterprises looking to define, manage and optimize their IT services and operations in a consolidated, traceable and cost effective manner.

Our vision and mission

DiOssTech is founded on the principles and with a vision of delivering innovative solutions and services. Our mission is to promote efficiency and deliver value to the IT world.

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